Our experience as a Komodo boat tour operator in Labuan Bajo has been going for around 6 years. Since that time, our main principles running this business is to always maintain trust, honesty, and safety to everyone, especially to our customers, and to another third party whom we engage with.


Our difference

Here is why many travelers choose our Komodo tour services:

  • Trust and disclosure of our service are our number one priority. Our boat coordinators shall provide you with any required information regarding our komodo tour services, and answer your questions as best as they can.

  • No hidden fees or charges unless stated otherwise through email communication. We are ready to return all of your deposit 100% if due to weather (or other condition from our side) causing your trip to get canceled. 

  • Some portion of the profit from our sailing trip will be distributed to the community learning space called Rumah Belajar Sangkabira, in collaboration with Baraka Nusantara. (barakanusantara.org) 

  • We always prioritize safety for our customers and the whole crew. We always ask sailing permit from authorized port officials, monitor the weather from time to time, and arrange the best itinerary to our customers.

  • Our crews are friendly and helpful and ready to assist you 24/7 during the trip.

  • You don't have to worry about food and snacks. We provide plenty of it and we make sure it's delicious. We also think about the Vegan/Vegetarian travelers, and try our best to adjust the food accordingly for our guests who has a specific food intolerance.

  • We will try to distance our boat from the crowd in order for you to experience a more private Komodo boat tour experience.


Laba Laba Boat Social Partnership
Rumah Belajar Sangkabira
Labalaba Boat Social Project, Baraka Nusantara, Rumah Belajar Sangkabira Community Learning Space

Sail with us and you will help Baraka Nusantara (barakanusantara.org) to strengthen the education sector in Rural Area. Their first project currently located at Sembalun Village Lombok. Hopefully one day, we will establish the same Project somewhere near Labuan Bajo too.