3 Experiences That You Will Never Forget While Visiting Indonesia

No wonder if someone wants to visit Indonesia will feel quite overwhelmed with how big and complicated this tropical country is. Indonesia has a number of islands as many as 18,307 to be precise. If you are planning to visit Indonesia, most of you will surely follow the advice of travel magazines to visit popular, mainstream and crowded touristic locations. Ofcourse there's nothing wrong with it, but if your time is limited, and you are one of the type of traveler who willing to spend your time and money searching for real experience and precious moments, then this article might help.


Duration : approximately minimum of two weeks

Arrival location : Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport) or Denpasar Bali (I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport).

1. Sunrise in Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is a masterpiece and I dare to say that it’s the greatest Buddhist monument ever created in human history. Located on the outskirts of Yogyakarta City, in the Central part of Java Island. If your arrival is in Jakarta via Soekarno Hatta International Airport, you may simply book a plane ticket to Yogyakarta (Adi Sujipto Airport) and the flight duration is only about 40 minutes. Many budget airlines offer tickets around USD 29 up to USD 35 for one way ticket. Next thing all you need to do is to continue the journey to Borobudur by car or rent a motorcycle.


You will be amazed at how great this Buddhist temple is when viewed from afar. As many as two million stone blocks are installed neatly, done only with the help of the power of human hands. A closer look, detailed Mahabaratha (Sanskrit Epics of ancient India) detailing can be seen and will keep you from going for hours to admire this great masterpiece.


We all know that Borobudur is very popular among tourists and it gets really crowded during day time, but I think the unforgettable moment is when you visit Borobudur in the time before dawn. Be there while still dark and watch the soft light from the sun slowly emerge from a distance and begin to light the temple slowly, and experience this unforgettable spiritual experience.

2. Visit Gate's of Heaven in Bali

Yes Bali is amazing and most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. District such as Kuta (not recommended), Seminyak or canggu where party goers are looking for exciting nightlife. But I think you should see the other side of Bali that is outside the crowded tourist locations and visit the temples which are quite remote and not too popular compared to other temples. One temple we highly recommend is called Pura Lempuyang. It is one of Bali's oldest and most respected temples, and now Become the famous and known to the western world as Heaven's Gate. Technically, it's a series of six temples running up the side of the mountain, with the final, largest temple sitting at a cool 1.775m above sea level.

Gate’s of Heaven
Photo by Macan Tidur on flickr

3. Komodo National Park

Video by Kamera Udara on youtube

With only one hour flight from Denpasar Bali or three hours flight from Jakarta, you will arrive in a small town called Labuan Bajo located in Komodo Islands, East Nusa Tenggara. There are many tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo, such as visiting traditional waterfalls and traditional villages, but we must say that the real magical experience happen in the private sea excursion to many small uninhabited islands and beaches around Komodo Islands.


Avoid boat operator which offer boat trip directly from Bali or Lombok for safety reason, and the boat usually over crowded. There are also plenty of travel agencies offering day trip sailing which starts very early in the morning (around 6 am) until 5 pm, but I suggest you allocate more time and budget to experience private live board for at least 3 days 2 nights, to try the real live-on-board journey. Waiting the sun to rise on top of Padar Island or Gili Laba island, having a private barbecue on the beach, and the most unforgettable moment is when you sleep on a boat at night under the starlit sky or camp on a secluded beach.

Komodo National Park

Traditional Villages

Komodo liveaboard

Private liveaboard cruise