Some of us may have heard in the news that the Komodo National Park will be closed in 2020 by the Government. At this time we want to share information that the Indonesian government has finally published a formal press-release stating that the National Park WILL REMAIN OPEN and we as the Komodo island boat tour provider, shall remain in full operation.

Rumors about the closure of the Komodo National Park began last year after several dragons were smuggled out of the island and sold on the international black market.

The sensationalism of the news by both local and international news outlets have been contributing to the development of a false narrative that the Komodo dragon population decreased due to the high number of tourists visiting the island. This isn’t true because the existence of tourists does not have an impact on reducing the population, and instead, the dragon population has been reported to fluctuate in a stable trend for over the past five years.

The Komodo closure proposal has been officially rejected by the Government, and President Joko Widodo is currently planning to make Labuan Bajo as a premium class tourist destination in 2020, and the plan will begin firstly with infrastructure improvements. One thing that is still on the table is regarding the USD 1000 entrance fee, but some predicted that this will be applicable only to Komodo Island. As you may have known, the National Park consists of plenty of islands, and there is also Rinca Island where you can also find the Komodo Dragons there, which shall not be affected with such costly entrance fees. We will make sure to produce an interesting and efficient itinerary so that your Komodo boat trip will remain an interesting and unforgettable experience.

You may see the official government press-release about the cancellation of the Komodo National Park in here.

Will Tourists must pay $1,000 to enter 'Dragon Island'?

To date, as of April 29, 2020, there has not been any official announcement from the Ministry or the Komodo National Park about the entrance fee ticket of $ 1,000. Again, the information that has been disseminated by the international mainstream media is still inaccurate cannot be proven valid. We will certainly inform you further if there are any recent developments related to the entrance fee ticket.

But at this time, the entrance ticket for the Komodo National Park ticket is still normal in the amount of USD 18 to USD 30 / day.