3 DAYS Cruise To Komodo Island with Families - Price and Itinerary

Let's discuss about 3 Days 2 nights trip to Komodo National Park. Neither too long nor too short, this type of trip is the most popular trip that our guests mostly picked. You will be able to explore various destinations in many areas around the National Park and visit various unique and exotic islands.

Most of our customers were small family members or a small group of travelers from other countries outside of Indonesia. Based on that experience, we understand that it’s not an easy and simple process to arrange a family trip to Komodo, especially if you bring children or the elderly. That is why we arrange a much more suitable itinerary that is safer and suitable for them, but also at the same time, avoiding many crowded and touristic locations to make sure that you can spend true quality time together around the national park without interruption.

Before we explain further about the price and itinerary of this trip, you need to understand that our trip is only focusing on a private trip not an open trip or a shared trip with other strangers. Unlike many travel agents or tour operators that you might found on the internet, we own our boat. To learn more about the difference between a private trip and an open trip or sharing trip, you can find it here: Choosing Your Boat Tour Preference.

First thing first. Learn How to Get to Komodo Island

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Located in the eastern part of Indonesia, Komodo National park is a world-famous holiday destination and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

To experience our 3 days cruise, you must visit Labuan Bajo. It’s a small fishermen village and a gateway to Komodo National Park. There are plenty of ways to reach Labuan Bajo, but the easiest, safest, and fastest way is by plane. From the Capital City of Jakarta is around 3 hours flight, and from Bali Airport (I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport) is around 1 and ½ hours flight.

Our boat always starts from Labuan Bajo and ended up in Labuan Bajo again. Plenty of tour operators also offer Komodo trips from Bali or Lombok Island, but we strongly suggest you not to take this type of itinerary, because not only you will cross a dangerous Sape Strait, but it will also take minimum 4 days trip for one way only.

You can check the available domestic flight schedules from Jakarta or Bali to Labuan Bajo in here: How to Get to Labuan Bajo.

3 Days Boat Tour Price to Komodo Island

You may check our detail rates for private charter including all additional info by clicking this link: Trips and Fares.

Before you purchase your flight tickets to Komodo, please consider this three Options below.

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First Option (Stay at Labuan Bajo before and after the boat cruise): This option is more relax. Arrive at Labuan Bajo the day before at any time, relax at the hotel of your choosing, perhaps sightseeing around Labuan Bajo at night, and then on the next morning, our driver will pick you up directly at Hotel’s lobby around 9 am and start your boat trip with us. After the trip, you stay again at the hotel, have a proper shower and proper rest first, and catch your flight return on the next day with ease, and you don’t have to worry to catch your flight immediately after the boat trip ends. With this option, you could have more time to explore Labuan Bajo and experience this unique town. learn more about interesting spots around Labuan Bajo.

Second Option (arrive at Labuan Bajo in the morning, start your boat cruise right away, and after the trip, stay one night at Labuan Bajo): As long as your flight arrival to Labuan Bajo before 2 p.m, you may also start your boat cruise right away on the same day of your arrival to Labuan Bajo. Our car driver shall standby at the airport, ready to pick you up and bring you to the boat pier. After you finish the boat cruise, the boat will return to the pier again around 4 or 5 pm, and you will stay at the hotel, have a proper shower and rest, probably experience Labuan Bajo nightlife, and catch your return flight on the next day.

Third Option (Arrive at Labuan Bajo in the morning, start your boat cruise right away, and after the trip, catch your return flight immediately): We can arrange this, but please be aware that there will be some reduction in the itinerary because the boat must return earlier so you can catch your return flight on time. This option usually is taken when our guests couldn’t find suitable flight schedules that match with their travel itinerary, usually happen during high season in July – September. Please advice with our Boat coordinator first, if you pick this option.

Now let’s talk about your 3 days boat cruise itinerary.

3 Days Boat Cruise Itinerary to Komodo Island - Private Komodo Boat Tour From Labuan Bajo

Before you read further, we need to explain that this itinerary has been adjusted under government regulations related to COVID19 social distancing implementation.

Due to this condition, certain access to famous spots, such as Komodo Island (Loh Liang), Pink Beach in Komodo island, and Manta Point have been limited.

This article will be constantly updated according to the latest developments, and of course, our Boat Coordinator will always inform you when changes occur in the itinerary. You can discuss them via email here.

This doesn't mean that you can't explore Komodo national Park completely. Our itinerary will be adjusted so that you may still experience the beauty and adventure in the Komodo National Park. For example, the dragon trekking is still possible to do on Rinca island. The alternative for Pink Beach in Komodo Island will be transferred to the pink beach on Padar Island, and the restrictions on Manta Point will be transferred to Turtle Point on Siaba Island.

1. First destination is to Bidadari Island or Manjarite Island. Perfect Start for warming up in the morning, good for beginner snorkelers.

The very first island that you will visit on your 3 days boat cruise to Komodo shall be either Bidadari Island or, if you take the second and third option as we explained before, will be Manjarite Island. Both islands are equally beautiful and have a calm and pristine shallow beach, with no currents or streams. Suitable for relaxing in the morning on a boat, enjoying a light breakfast first, served by a boat crew. If the day is getting warmer, you can start to snorkel or sunbathing on the beach to warm the body first.

Bidadari Island (or also famously known as Angel Island) and Manjarite Island are the best places for amateur swimmers. The underwater life on both of these islands are consists of healthy and colorful coral reefs and rich marine life with colorful fish from a depth of 2 to 4 meters. If you’re lucky sometimes you can meet a large turtle or baby manta rays.

Learn more about Bidadari island and Manjarite island.

2. Visiting Kelor Island. Tiny Island of Paradise near Labuan Bajo with Pristine Turquoise Beach and a small trekking hill to take some Instagram-worthy photos.

Around noon, the boat will anchor at Kelor Island. The distance of this island is not so far from Labuan Bajo, about 1 hour away by slow boat. This tiny island is exceptionally beautiful. It has a small hill that you can climb. It’s a little bit challenging to climb, especially for travelers who have never climbed before, surely it takes a struggle to get up there. But the effort is worth it. you can see a beautiful surrounding panoramic view and perhaps, take a few Instagram-worthy photographs.

Relax on this island, while enjoying lunch on the boat, with a refreshing cold beer, and around 4 pm, you will visit the last destination on the first day of the boat cruise, named Kalong Island.

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3. Magical Sunset at Kalong Island – The Home of thousand Asian Mega Bats

Unlike Bidadari, Manjarite, and Kelor Island, Kalong Island is part of the perimeter of Komodo National Park. It’s a small island and mostly mangrove forest. Almost all of its land is covered with mangroves which are home to many bats. The size of the bats reside here is quite large, because it’s an Asian Giant Megabats, but don't worry, they don't hurt humans, because they only eat fruits.

During sunset time, thousands of these bats are flying right above your boat to find food. Interestingly, none of the local residents know where they went, even the tour guide does not have clear information about this.

After you witness this spectacular natural show, the boat will continue to Waenilu island to anchor and spend a night there. This island is protected by hills and the waves are minimum.

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4. Komodo Dragon Trekking at Rinca Island, the home of the Giant Komodo Lizard

On the second day of the cruise, in the morning around 8 a.m, you will visit Rinca island to experience the Komodo dragon trekking. This is the highlight of your trip, there are approximately 2000 Komodo dragons at Rinca Island.

There is an active volcano called Mount Ora with an altitude of around 670 meters above sea level. Not only dragons but on this island also live various types of animals such as wild pigs, buffalo, deers, seawater crocodiles, snakes, and exotic birds.

Upon entering the ticketing office, you will choose trekking path options, ranging from short, medium to long trekking. Visitors are free to make their own choice of the route, adapted to physical conditions for safety and minimize risk in the field later.

Along the trekking path, visitors will be accompanied by beautiful scenery in the form of hills and stretches of the blue sea. This hill will be dry and yellowish color during the dry season (June – November) whereas if it enters the rainy season, this hill will turn green (December – April). At the end of your trekking, you will reach a hilltop that has a unique view of Rinca Island. An expanse of the blue sea combined with exotic hills adds to the beauty of Rinca Island. Really spoil the eyes of every visitor.

On a side note, the National Park authority also offers its visitors to participate in preserving the environment with a mangrove planting program in Rinca. To buy the seeds, visitors require to spend IDR 150,000 rupiah (around USD $10). The mangrove seedlings that you purchase also can be labeled according to your name.

Learn also important information about Rinca island in here.

5. Padar Island. A mysterious Island with four-colored beach.

Padar island is the third-largest island in the Komodo National Park. It has four deep bays and beaches in various colors, such as black, grey, white, and pink beaches. The sea around the island has several popular spots for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Visitors can also climb the hill on Padar Island to enjoy the panoramic beauty from above. Blue turquoise sea and the majestic scenery showing surrounding islands will surely hypnotize every visitor. Although trekking to the highest hill will feel quite tiring, visitors will be presented with panoramic hills and spectacular views.

Padar Island has been chosen as a World Heritage Site from UNESCO, it’s within the Komodo National Park area, along with Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Gili Motang. Contrary to popular belief, there are Komodo dragons on Padar Island, although not many and are heavily guarded by Rangers. Padar Island was made an island of exile for the "problematic" Komodo Dragon that is hard to tame.

You will spend the night around Padar island, the boat will anchor at the safe spot, and you will sleep on the upper deck, lying on a comfortable bean bag while enjoying the milky way and delicious dinner prepared by the crew. You can also wake up early to experience sunrise at the top of Padar Island.

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6. Manta Point & Taka Makassar - the place where the colony of Manta Rays gather

In the morning you can visit Manta Point and Makassar Reef. Manta point is not an island, but a shallow water surface with strong currents, a place where manta rays colonies gather, usually in the morning until noon, to look for plankton and jellyfish. While Makassar Reef is a small sand island, perhaps only as small as a football field that only appears in the morning until late afternoon, and will sink or be covered in water at night. The sand is pink and a fun place to relax and snorkel.

learn more about Manta Point in here.

7. Visiting Turtle City in Siaba Island

If manta point is a gathering place for Manta Rays colonies, Siaba Island is a gathering place for sea turtles. You can relax and snorkel here and if you are lucky you will see some turtles swimming with you. This location is where the most frequent turtle sightings and also the beauty of the underwater is a shame to miss.

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8. Kanawa Island - a perfect place to relax, rest and do snorkeling on the surrounding reef

The sand here is very soft and white, and the coral reefs are one of the best. The perfect spot for beginners scuba divers also. The other part of the beach is quite shallow, full of starfishes, safe, and perfect for children. Sometimes there's a colony of dolphins, stingrays, and turtles as well.

The island is very calming, it has a small resort on the southern part, and you can also climb a tiny hill to witness a nice panoramic view. A perfect last place to relax before heading back to Labuan Bajo.

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