2 DAYS Boat Tour To Komodo Island - Price and Itinerary

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Before you read further, we need to explain that this article is focusing on a private boat tour, not a sharing trip or an open-trip. To learn about the differences between these two, you can read more at our article here: Choosing Your Boat Tour Preference.

The private boat tour is perfect for you to explore the National Park in a much efficient way.

You spend one night at the boat, visiting some highlight spots around the park. With Laba Laba Boat, you don't need an overly expensive luxury vessel, and you also don't need a crowded and noisy shared boat trip. Exploring Komodo National Park will be much more memorable and comfortable if you do it privately.

Our 2 Days 1-night private boat tour is designed especially for a small group of travelers or a family who want to explore Komodo National park but with limited visiting time. Our boat maximum capacity is for 6 people. We called it a mini Phinisi.

How to Get to Komodo

How to get to komodo. Flight to Komodo from Bali. Komodo airport. labuan Bajo airport. How to get to labuan bajo from Lombok.

First thing first, you need to know about how to get to Komodo, before you learn about the itinerary.

You must take a flight to a small town in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Provence, named Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo is the gateway to Komodo National Park. There are plenty of direct flights from Bali or major cities around Indonesia to Labuan Bajo.

The easiest way to go to Labuan Bajo is by plane. It's much more safer and efficient than taking a boat tour directly from Lombok island to Komodo island. Yes, some of them offer this kind of trip, but the journey will take a minimum of 4 days one way and it will cross the dangerous Sape Strait.

We highly recommend you to start your boat tour from Labuan Bajo and return to Labuan Bajo again. You can learn more info and about flight schedules here: how to get to Labuan Bajo.

The 2 Days Boat Tour Price to Komodo

Our boat tour price is for private charter for the whole boat only, and you can check the price and detail info here in our Trips and Fares.

Things to Know Before Buying Flight Tickets

Things to know before buying flight tickes. A handsome boy playing with plane miniatures.

Now, before you buy your flight tickets to Labuan Bajo, these are three options to simplify your trip.

Remember, 2 days 1-night boat trip to Komodo is the shortest option, therefore you need to have good timing to maximize your trip. Our boat will start the trip at 8 am or 9 am and will end the trip on the next day at 5 pm.

1. First Option: If you want to fully maximize the itinerary, you arrive at Labuan Bajo the day before the boat trip, and on the next morning, our driver will pick you up directly at the hotel lobby, so the boat can start early in the morning. On the next day, after the trip, you stay again at Labuan Bajo for one more night. The good side is that you can also explore Labuan Bajo and experience this unique town. You can learn about interesting spots around Labuan Bajo in here.

2. Second Option: Buy a morning flight to Labuan Bajo (that arrives around 10 am) and start your boat trip immediately. Our driver will standby at Komodo Airport. This is possible if you take a direct flight from Jakarta or Bali. After the trip, spend a night in Labuan Bajo. Yes, on the first day the boat trip might be a little bit late, but as long as there is no flight delay, your itinerary can still pretty much not affected.

3. Third Option: This last option surely will affect your boat tour itinerary. You arrive at Labuan Bajo in the morning (around 10 am flight arrival), start the boat trip right away, and on the next day, return earlier to catch your flight again. Remember that the boat also needs to return back to Labuan Bajo earlier so that you won’t miss your flight, and some spots of the itinerary will be excluded. The special itinerary will be arranged based on your flight schedules, and our boat coordinator would be happy to discuss this with you.

Now let’s talk about the itinerary.

2 days Itinerary to Komodo Island – Private Boat Charter Tour

1. Bidadari Island. Perfect start for beginner snorkeler.

Assuming that you take the 1st option, the first spot that you will visit is Bidadari island or Angel Island.

If you are browsing on the internet, don't be confused with other islands, because there is also an island called Bidadari island, located in Thousand Islands near Jakarta.

Only 15-20 minutes from Labuan Bajo port. Light breakfast will be provided in the boat while enjoying the warm sunlight in the morning. Start your day by trying some yoga moves or warming up on a boat while enjoying the fresh sea air.

The boat will anchor calmly on the beach and you are free to do anything, exploring the beach, sunbathing, relax on the deck or swimming. This island is perfect for snorkeling, especially for beginners. The sand is white and the beach is clear crystal. You can see numerous exotic fishes and certain spots also have healthy corals.

2. Hike to the view point and snorkel at beautiful tiny island of Kelor

This petite island is also very close to Labuan Bajo port. If you try to google this island, don’t mistake it also with the other same name island, located near Jakarta.

On this island, You can take 15 minutes hike, and although the hike seems simple, it’s quite challenging and absolutely worth it. You can see the beautiful panorama and it’s quite an Instagram-worthy spot to take some nice pictures.

After the sweaty hike, you can snorkel on the beach to cool down. So much tropical little fish and beautiful coral. The beach is crystal clear. The west side of the beach is shallower and perfect for children to snorkel.

Read more: Kelor Island, A Tiny Paradise With Extraordinary Panoramic View

3. Watch thousands of Asian Megabats at Kalong Island (Pulau Kalong)

This beautiful natural event happens every day, during sunset time.

The boat will anchor near this tiny mangrove island. Wait patiently, enjoy the beautiful sunset, and you will see out of nowhere countless of huge bats flew directly above you.

Experience one of the best natural shows on earth while lying comfortably on the deck on the boat, enjoying your beer, and some refreshments provided by boat crews.

An interesting fact is that no one knows where these bats go looking for food, and they will return in the morning.

After this, the boat will anchor near the area and you will sleep on the boat.

learn more about Kalong Rinca Island here.

4. Experience Dragon Tour at Rinca Island

This is the highlight of your trip. Your trip to Komodo National park won’t complete without seeing the Komodo Dragons.

The Dragons at Rinca island are more active and aggressive, which is good, compare to the Dragon at the Komodo Island. There are approximately 2000 Komodo dragons at Rinca Island. There are three routes – short trekking, medium, and long. You can also visit their nest.

Always follow the instruction from Rangers and enjoy your Jurassic park adventure.

You can read important information about Rinca Island here.

5. Kanawa island. Extraordinary coral reef and perfect spot to relax.

There's a pier and this island is perfect to spend time relaxing on a beach. Bring your cold beers, layout the towels, relax, and snorkel.

Exceptionally calm and soothing island. Kanawa island is also a popular spot to dive, the beach is shallow and the shallow area is quite wide until it is several tens of meters away.

Plenty of red and blue starfish, scorpionfish, healthy colorful corals, and if you are lucky you can also spot turtles. The beach is safe for kids as well, because there are no waves, no strong streams and some spots are quite shallow.

That's so far the quick explanation of our shortest 2 days 1-night boat trip itinerary. This itinerary has been matched so that you can enjoy each of the above spots in a relaxed manner, without rushing.

You can contact our boat coordinator for further discussion if you have any questions. You can reach them by email here.

About Labalaba Boat

Laba Laba boat has been proudly operating our own Komodo liveaboard tour for 7 years. Our boat is a sturdy wooden boat crafted by the experienced Phinisi boat maker in Sulawesi Island, made from the best material of Iron Wood and Teak Wood. We maintain the classic design of a traditional Indonesian wooden boat called Phinisi but in a smaller version.

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