15 Best Things You MUST DO in Komodo National Park, Flores - Indonesia

Komodo Island has become one of the most sought holiday destinations in the world. Just a quick flight from Bali and you’ll ready to experience the most memorable escapade in your life. Take the opportunity to explore these amazing places in Komodo National park by taking a private multi-days Komodo Islands boat tour.

Below are the following things you must experience when you’re in the Komodo.

1. See firsthand the ancient Komodo Dragons at close range.

Komodo is the only surviving ancient and biggest lizard in the world. The main purpose of tourists visiting the Komodo National Park is to see the Komodo Dragon in Rinca Island. There are several islands around the national park which are the natural habitat of the Komodo Dragon. Such as:

Loh Liang or Komodo Island itself

• Loh Buaya or Rinca Island

Padar Island

Gili Motang

• Gili Dasami.

Loh Liang or Komodo Island itself currently under the conservation period and cannot be accessed to tourists. So your only option would be to visit Rinca island. You can take short trekking, medium, or long trekking option. not only dragons, but you can also see other animals such as buffalo, deer, monkeys, saltwater crocodile, wild boar, various kinds of tropical birds, and snakes.

Make sure you bring adequate equipment, such as trekking shoes or trekking sandals. Wear comfortable clothes because the weather on the island of Komodo is very hot especially during the dry season, sunblock, sunglasses, drinking bottles, and most importantly cash in Rupiah to pay for the entrance ticket to the Komodo National Park.

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2. Komodo National Park offers the world-famous instagrammable spot for hunting epic photography moments.

What else can we say? the pictures speak for itself. Starting from climbing a small hill on an uninhabited island such as Kelor Island, capturing beautiful and rich underwater life, or simply being able to capture your relaxing moments on the deck on the boat. Endless opportunity to hone your creative abilities in photography.

3. Hike to Padar Island Indonesia

The height of Padar island is around 240 meters above sea level and there are around 750 stairs to climb. Padar Island is an iconic destination, world-famous for the panorama that you should not miss.

Padar island is also the biggest island in Komodo National Park and one of the island that has Komodo Dragon in it, although not many. The beach are spectacular and multi-colored, and one of them is called "Long Beach" with beautiful pink sand.

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4. Visit Pink Beach Komodo Island

Don't be fooled if you see photos of Pink Beach Komodo circulating on the internet because some of them have been edited by Photoshop to make the pink color a lot more saturated.

from a distance, you will see as if the color of the beach is white as usual, but if you watch them closely, this unique and rare beach is indeed pink. The water is crystal clear and the mix of soft white sand and red sand creating a beautiful pink shade.

The pink color in the sand is caused by the erosion of red corals. This corals are red because of a micro-organism called Foraminifera. Foraminifera grows rich around Komodo National park.

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5. Witness breathtaking sunrise or sunset in Komodo island

Every visitors who sail to Komodo Island always believes that the sunset and sunrise in the Komodo National Park look very different compare to sunset in Bali. Something that is very difficult to explain in words.

There are two islands that are suitable to witness sunset or sunrise, which is Padar island and Gili Lawa Darat Island.

6. Meeting the underwater gentle giants in Manta Point Komodo.

Manta Point is a shallow water location but has a strong current in Komodo National Park. You are advised to visit this location in the morning because at this time the current conditions are not too strong and usually mantas start coming in groups to eat plankton. Learn about Manta Point in here.

7. Feel the intimate and romantic atmosphere of sailing in Komodo National Park.

The majority of visitors to Komodo National Park come from Bali or Lombok island. However, Komodo Island is also chosen as one of the best honeymoon spots because it is less touristic, far from the crowd and party atmosphere.

8. Wake up and feel the sunrise on a boat. Disconnect from everyday life.

Sometimes you need to spend time in quiet places like this to refresh your mind, body, and soul. At night the boat will anchor in a quiet bay, very close to a small uninhabited beach. The sound of soft waves, the glittering milky way at night until you sleep. Wake up in the morning with a breathtaking view and the fresh, warm sun rays. Sipping your cup of coffee and delicious breakfast prepared by your own personal cook, before you start to continue your journey to other interesting spots.

The best boat tour in Komodo island. The boat name is Laba Laba Boat. Enjoying sunrise and sunset on top of the boat. Exploring Komodo National park in private with Labalaba Boat.

9. Snorkle on several uninhabited beaches in Komodo National Park

There are many small uninhabited white sand beaches in Komodo National Park. Make sure your Komodo Boat has a motorized dinghy to visit these exotic small beaches foran easy access.

You can find a variety of unique marine animals such as seawater turtles at Turtle Point, Scorpionfish, lionfish, or several sea stars on Kanawa Island, clownfish, blue-ribbon eel and even if you are lucky, you can find a group of dolphins and whale shark.

10. Visiting the traditional village of Komodo or Mesa Island and Mingle with the locals

Also known as the Orang Bajau or Bajau People. They are the remarkable sea gypsies that originate mostly from the Sulawesi Island tribe. Their famous ancestor is a reliable sailor who has roamed the seas with his wooden hand-made Pinisi Sailing Vessel to the continent of Australia and even America.

About 1500 residents, and you can witness their simple daily life, starting from drying the fish to last a long time, cultivating fish, squid, and lobster and meeting with friendly and playful Komodo village children.

11. Swim with turtles at Turtle City

Turtle city is located on Siaba island. Famous not only as a diving location, but also as an appropriate location for snorkeling and casual swimming. This spot is also famous for sea turtle sighting and massive coral gardens.

12. watching thousand of megabats coming out during sunset at Kalong Rinca.

You will only see this spectacular view at Kalong Rinca. It's a small mangrove forest, a gathering place for Southeast Asian Megabat species in the Pteropodidae family. Approximately 40,000 bats simultaneously fly above your boat during sunset time.

13. gazing at milky way from the upper deck of the boat until you're asleep.

Milky Way is very visible at night at Komodo National Park, especially around June to August. Get comfortable on the top deck of your boat, lay on a beanbag, and start stargazing. Please note that this only possible if you take a multi-days komodo liveaboard trip.

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14. Sunrise Trekking at Gili Lawa Darat.

The name is Gili Lawa Darat or some people also called it