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Starts from USD 1235 / boat / four people

You don't need an overly expensive luxury ship. You also don't need a crowded sharing trip. Our mini Phinisi boat is a perfect choice for you to explore secluded beaches and small hidden islands in private, with much more affordable price.


We will make everything simple.  A car shuttle will be ready to pick you up from the Komodo Airport or your Hotel located in Labuan Bajo, and then bring you directly to our boat. Also, an efficient itinerary will be designed based on your arrival and departure schedules.

One of the best Komodo Tour provider in the region

We are among one of the key players in Komodo islands, with more than five years of experience. Our guests ranging from Ambassador, the staff of many Embassy in Jakarta, families of expatriate and numerous international tourists from across the globe. Laba Laba Boat also obtained its Certificate of Excellence from the Tripadvisor.



Everything was perfect and I would like to specifically mention the amazing food (among the best we've eaten in Indonesia) and the extreme helpfulness and kindness from your staff. We also loved the barbecue on the beach - such a unique experience!! 

Lina Eidmark // Second Secretary and Head of Promotion, trade and economics, Sweden

Trip Options

Total Charter Price for the whole boat up to 4 (four) people

2 days 1 night

IDR 17.280.000 or USD 1235

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3 nights

IDR 24.720.000 or USD 1765

IDR 30.560.000 or USD 2182

Additional charge for 5th and 6th person (optional)

2 days 1 night

IDR 1.720.000 or USD 122 / person

3 days 2 nights

IDR 2.280.000 or USD 162 / person 

4 days 3 nights

IDR 2.640.000 or USD 188 / person




(January - June)

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  • Car shuttle from airport/hotel and return.

  • Complete meals (3 times a day, Indonesian food and seafood). Vegan or Vegetarian menu by request.

  • Coffee, tea, mineral water and daily snacks.

  • Complete snorkeling gears and fins.

  • Towels, life jackets/swimming vest & blanket

  • Komodo National Park Entrance Tickets. Each Passenger must buy two tickets which will cost IDR 900.000/person (or USD 64/person).

  • Alcoholic Drinks. But you may bring them to the boat.

  • Travel Insurance, Hotel Accommodation and Plane tickets.

  • Engine Mitshubishi 4 cylinders.

  • Electric Generator.

  • 1 Captain and 2-3 crews.

  • Tented cabin on the upper deck with thin mattress, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags. It can fit up to 8 people.

  • Small cabin with two single beds and storage space.

  • Simple marine sit toilet, shower room with clean water and a kitchen.

  • Twenty Life jackets and Life Buoys.

  • Fiber dinghy with Yamaha engine 25 hp.

  • Simple First Aid Kit.

  • Two simple fishing rods.

  • Cooler box for drinks.

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We provide Komodo Island boat trip for sailing throughout Komodo National Park area, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.


Our liveaboard Komodo boat is a mini Phinisi boat. Bridging the need of every adventure seeker travelers who wish to experience the exoticism and sailing in private, without the need to share their journey with other travelers, and provided with unmatched quality of foods and services at much more affordable price.

We provide simplicity and flexibility for travelers who have never visited Komodo Island. We will show you amazing places throughout Komodo islands with a tailor-made itinerary and resting spots far away from noisy and popular touristic locations. 


Komodo National Park is actually a group of small islands located in Flores Island, in the eastern half of Indonesia. The word "Flores" was given by the Portuguese during colonialism in Indonesia around the 15th century. At that time, the Portuguese first arrived in Indonesia under the leadership of a famous sailor named Alfonso de Albuquerque.


In 1986, UNESCO declared Komodo National Park as a World Heritage Site. The area consists of 29 islands, with Komodo, Rinca and Padar islands as the 3 biggest ones. The location is world renowned because that’s the only place where the ancient Komodo dragons reside with outstanding marine life. In year 2012, the national park was selected as one of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World, making it as a must-see destination for travelers around the world.


American Fashion and lifestyle publication Vogue, named Komodo National Park as one of the “10 Unexpected Places to Travel”. The publication wrote that “Visitors can hike volcanoes, enjoy diving lessons in coral atolls, swim with Mantas, visit villages to witness traditional weaving, get up close to mighty Komodo dragons, and, of course, unwind and master the art of chilling.” With increasing popularity in recent years, the government intends to build a world-class infrastructure for tourism and a Komodo Research Center.


However, the local government also thinks that the increasing popularity of this location as a world tourist destination also needs to be limited, because after all, the preservation of the National Park ecosystem including its bio marine life must be protected, and therefore, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has designated Komodo National Park as a premium class destination, which in the future can only be accessed by a Komodo Boat that has been officially registered and meets the established feasibility standards and requirements.


With this new government policy which will be implemented in 2020, the Komodo National Park redefines the means of isolation. The ecosystem will be well maintained and the overflow of tourists from both local and foreign will be much more controlled. This is of course will be more aligned with Laba Laba Boat’s intention to provide their guests a neatly-arranged private Komodo island boat tour. Anchoring far from other boat and less touristic area, you will experience a sense of wandering in a lost paradise under the clear blue sky and empty pristine beaches.  


The main town is called Labuan Bajo, and that’s the first arrival place by plane. The airport is called Komodo Airport. The only transportation that is allowed and available to reach Komodo National Park is by chartering a private Komodo Boat that has been officially registered by the National Park authority.


Almost every trade and commerce take place in this small town, including a range of hotels, shops, and both local and western restaurants. There is plenty of good accommodation such as Ayana Resort Komodo, Puri Sari Beach Hotel, Bayview Garden, Jayakarta Hotel, Seaesta Komodo, Plataran Hotel and many more.

There are plenty of Labuan Bajo tour provider in the area, but you must choose wisely because some of these Komodo island tour providers do not have their own boat, therefore the schedule of their trips sometimes clash with the other Labuan Bajo tour provider who happens to also market the same boat, and this happened during the high-season.


The easiest way to Labuan Bajo is by plane from Jakarta or Denpasar. Our driver will be standby to pick you up directly at Labuan Bajo Airport if your flight arrival time is on the first day of your sailing date, we highly recommend you to take the first-morning flight, or at least before 01.00 pm, Labuan Bajo time."

Airlines available are:

- Garuda Indonesia

- Citilink

- Nam Air (under Sriwijaya Air)

- Air Asia

- Batik Air

- Wings Air


Each Komodo boat charter packages that we offer already include car pick up at the airport to bring you directly to the boat by our private driver. If you spend one night before the sailing date, then our driver will standby and ready at your hotel. 

If you want our driver to pick you up directly at Komodo Airport, please make sure you take the first flight which arrives at the Airport firstly in the morning or at least before 1 pm local time. Although we still recommend you to arrive at Labuan Bajo at least one day before the actual sailing date, to prevent any delay caused by the airlines. The premium and best airline in terms of service are Garuda Indonesia. Based on our experience, Citilink and Nam Air both are good budget airlines in terms of services.



Some of us may have heard in the news that the Komodo National Park will be closed in 2020 by the Government. At this time we want to share information that the Indonesian government has finally published a formal press-release stating that the National Park WILL REMAIN OPEN and we as the Komodo island boat tour provider, shall remain in full operation.


Rumors about the closure of the Komodo National Park began last year after several dragons were smuggled out of the island and sold on the international black market.


The sensationalism of the news by both local and international news outlets have been contributing to the development of a false narrative that the Komodo dragon population decreased due to the high number of tourists visiting the island. This isn’t true because the existence of tourists does not have an impact on reducing the population, and instead, the dragon population has been reported to fluctuate in a stable trend for over the past five years.


The Komodo closure proposal has been officially rejected by the Government, and President Joko Widodo is currently planning to make Labuan Bajo as a premium class tourist destination in 2020, and the plan will begin firstly with infrastructure improvements. One thing that is still on the table is regarding the USD 1000 entrance fee, but some predicted that this will be applicable only to Komodo Island. As you may have known, the National Park consists of plenty of islands, and there is also Rinca Island where you can also find the Komodo Dragons there, which shall not be affected with such costly entrance fees. We will make sure to produce an interesting and efficient itinerary so that your Komodo boat trip will remain an interesting and unforgettable experience.


There will be selected Komodo Island boat tour providers that already listed and registered officially to operate in the area and our boat is one of them.



We highly recommend you to start your boat trip to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo by plane. Our driver will standby at the Airport called Komodo Airport. There are also plenty of local tour providers who offer Komodo boat from Bali or from Lombok, but we highly don’t recommend you to take a boat trip from Bali or Lombok mainly for safety reasons, because you will pass a high-risk strait called Sape strait. We highly prioritize the safety and comfort of our passengers, therefore we strongly recommend you to buy plane tickets in advance to Labuan Bajo (or Komodo Airport) and start your private Komodo boat tour there.


We are among one of the best tour Komodo island. When you’re having a private boat charter Komodo, the itinerary will be much more flexible and we can arrange a nice and efficient trip based on your preference. For example, there are guests who are not interested in seeing the Komodo dragons, therefore we will focus their activity more on swimming and relaxing at the beach. Or there are also some guests who want to be more balanced between snorkeling and trekking in the hills, so we will also plan their itinerary that can support this kind of needs. This is the perk of having a private boat charter Komodo with us, while on the other hand, your experience also will be much more privileged and discreet without someone else interference.

Komodo Dragon Tour


Komodo National Park is the only region in the world where the largest lizard still lives, the Komodo Dragon. We will take you to Rinca Island to see this ancient creature lives. Dragons on Rinca Island (or Loh Buaya) are more active and aggressive compared to the dragons on Komodo Island (Loh Liang), and you can watch their nest directly. To be able to safely experience a Komodo dragon tour, you must be accompanied by a trained Ranger. He will guard you at a safe distance and guide you through the park.

Watching thousands of flying bats coming out at Sunset.

After you’ve done snorkeling and relaxing on a beach, we will take you to see tens of thousands of flying foxes emerge from the mangrove forest located on a small mangrove forest near Rinca Island, called Kalong Rinca.


You will see them directly on the boat, as the sky at the Komodo Islands slowly turns darker, and of course, this will be a very interesting and a must-see experience.


The Pink Beaches of Komodo

There are two pink beaches around Komodo National Park. The pink color is caused by the abrasion of tiny deep red corals that are scattered around the region. Expect other Komodo boat tour tourists during your visit due to its popularity. But we will try to bring you to the other Pink Beach located near Padar Island, which is a more spacious and less touristic area compared to the famous one.

Swim with Manta Rays

There will be a new regulation implemented, that only a registered Komodo boat trip that should enter the Manta Point. Manta Point is a specific location where most Mantas are gathering in the morning. Once this regulation implemented, every registered Komodo boat must submit an online reservation first about their visit. Of course, our Komodo Boat is already registered for such activity. Please bear in mind that visiting Manta Point only available if you take minimum of 3 days 2 nights trip.


The existence of Manta Rays is quite common in Komodo National Park. They usually gather where the stream is stronger, and they will swim in opposite directions to eat planktons.

Viewpoints at Padar Island


Padar Island is an iconic destination that’s worth visiting while you are on a boat trip to Komodo National Park. The island can only be accessed by using a Komodo boat.


It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the top of the hill and you will witness a jaw-dropping view of the entire National Park. One thing that makes this island unique is also the existence of the Komodo dragon, but you don't need to worry because the location where the dragons are located is inaccessible and only available for researchers visit only and also well protected by a number of professional rangers.


There are access stairs to climb Padar Island, but of course, there is a difficulty for everyone. Make sure you bring your own sunscreens due to heat, proper shades, and trekking shoes or sandals.


The itinerary to Padar island from Labuan Bajo will take 3 hours one-way trip and is only possible for you to visit if you reserve a boat charter Komodo that takes a minimum of 3 days 2 nights trip. 4 days 2 nights would be much better as well.

Dive in world-class diving spots around Komodo National Park


Laba Laba Boat is among one of the best tour in Komodo island, however, due to the size of our vessel, we only provide komodo liveaboard service without diving activity. But as an option, we also doing a partnership with a professional dive center in Labuan Bajo and we can help you to arrange a dive service on the first day of your trip, and then after that, both of the boats will meet at certain spot and transfer you to our boat to continue your private liveaboard Komodo with us.


Most of dive center at Labuan Bajo has a day dive service that usually consist of 2 up to 3 spots to dive in Komodo National Park area, starts early in the morning around 7 am and finish around 3 pm in the afternoon. Our boat will standby at Waenilu island (your last diving spot), and our crew will pick you up and transfer you to our boat.


Diving in Komodo island is quite an experience, with over a thousand kinds of exotic fish and rich marine life, 230 species of coral, it’s a world-class for snorkeling and diving. If you’re lucky, you will also see dolphins, turtles, mantas and even whales. Don’t worry about sharks because there is never a case of a swimmer being attacked by a shark. The type of sharks available around the region is the smaller version and never want to attack human. They only eat plankton, shrimp, and jellyfish.