Your safety and comfort is important to us. Please spend your time a little bit to read this information

Safety Tips

  1. You will enjoy very nice spots to snorkle, but please be aware that some of the spots have a very strong current. Examine the water first and if you are not sure, ask the captain.

  2. Visiting Loh Buaya and Loh Liang must be accompanied by a ranger and the the fee entrance shall be paid in the Ranger's office. The fee is outside of our package fares. Komodo can run fast and they are poisonous. Health facilities in Flores are very basic and limited, in case of accident, emergency evacuation to Bali might be required. Our advice is to always be on your guard, don't provoke them and follow the ranger's instructions. Women with period must disclose her information at the office.



  1. We cannot control the weather. Although we have set the tour plan for each trip, a detour or change of destination might occur because of the weather condition and for safety reason. No matter what, your safety is still our main priority.

  2. The Deposit Payment will be non-refundable, and the dates of sailing also shall not subject to any kind of reschedule or alteration. 

  3. If due to extreme weather and/or technical difficulties the boat captain decide that it's too dangerous to go sailing, we will return your money that has been paid to us. We will not return your other expenses that you have been paid to another third party outside Laba-Laba boat services, such as plane tickets, hotel reservation, etc.

  4. We are strongly advised every passengers to take care of our boat. Please handle her with care. You will responsible for any damages that caused by improper use.

  5. Some of the money from each trip will be directly distributed to our social movements in Sembalun Village and Komodo Traditional village, such us building schools, helping education and health infrastructures.

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