Sebayur Island Diving Spot. Komodo dive tour from labuan bajo.


Contrary to popular belief, Sebayur Islands are not located in the Komodo National Park, therefore you won't need an entrance fee tickets to enter this island. Both of these islands are not very popular compared to neighboring islands but they also offer something different.


There are two Sebayur islands in the Komodo archipelago. The first is called Sebayur Besar or translated as "The Big Sebayur" and Sebayur Kecil which means "the Small Sebayur". Laba Laba Boat is usually anchor and brings you to Sebayur Kecil after your long day of snorkeling and trekking. You can relax in the upper deck while enjoying the beautiful evening sky that slowly changes color while waiting for delicious food for dinner prepared by our best chef.

Two reasons why some people like Sebayur Island. Some say because they like its nature. Some like it because the beach is so clean, crystal clear and calming. In the dry season, the hills on Sebayur island turn into a brownish color and during sunset, it will give a contrasting and majestic golden-hour effect. The atmosphere you get while you spend the night on this island is refreshing and soothing. there was no sound of waves and no noise from larger ships or overloaded party boats that carrying sharing-trip tourists. A perfect location to end the day and simply rest.

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