Rinca island or spelled "Rintja" is one of the islands in the Komodo National Park located in Flores, Indonesia, which has received the title of World Heritage from UNESCO. This island is famous for the existence of ancient and rare animals that you will not be able to find in the other hemisphere, called the Varanus Komodoensis or commonly called Komodo Dragon, the largest living lizard species that can grow up to three meters long (10ft) with weight up to 70 kilograms.

Located in the western part of the Flores islands, Rinca Island is the third-largest island in the Komodo National Park with an area of ​​approximately 18,500 hectares. The entrance gate of Rinca Island is also known as Loh Buaya which means "Crocodile Bay" because there are several saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus) that live and hide in the mangrove forests located around the entrance of island of Rinca.

Not many people live on this island. Instead, they slowly migrate to the surrounding villages which are safer due to the existence of Komodo dragons that often attack humans, and also because of the island's limited access to clean water, especially during the summer season. Currently, Rinca Island is occupied by people from the Komodo National park, consists of rangers and also as a place for training and conservation and research activities.


There are several islands in the Komodo National Park where you can find wild Komodo Dragons, such as Rinca Island, Padar Island (although the number of dragons in Padar is not much), Komodo Island or commonly known by the name "Loh Liang" which means "Nesting Bay" because there are several holes where dragons make nests and lay their eggs, and the last is Gili Motang and Gili Dasami. Both of these islands are prohibited to be accessed by the public because of the existence of Komodo dragons which are very wild and vicious to humans.

For tourist visits, Rinca Island is the safest and easiest access to see the Komodo dragon. About 2 hours from Labuan Bajo using the Komodo Boat. there are approximately more than 2000 Komodo dragons in Rinca Island, exceeding the existence of Komodo dragons on Komodo Island (Loh Liang) and others. Rinca island is the favorite destination among both local and international tourists because the wild Komodo dragons are more active compared to the island of Komodo or Loh Liang. The dragons in Long Liang are famously known among tourists to be called by the name of "lazy Komodo".


No need to worry too much about visiting Rinca Island because the Komodo Dragon has often been fed with deers regularly, unlike the Komodo dragons found in Gili Motang and Gili Dasami which are vicious and dangerous to humans.

After you arrive at the ticketing office, you will be asked about your activity plan on Rinca Island and on the rest of the National Park. Simply explain to them that your purpose in coming to Komodo National Park is to see the Komodo dragons, snorkel and trekking. There will be another additional cost if you also need to dive and conduct research activities. These ticketing fees differ between weekdays and weekends. We recommend that you bring more cash in Rupiah, around IDR 450,000  (USD 32) / person*. There is no ATM machine, no money changer and no internet connection on the island, so preparation for more cash to purchase these tickets for the National Park is an important preparation, so that your Komodo Dragon tour will run very smoothly.

*there might be changes in the fee policy and our Komodo Boat Coordinator will always update you with the latest information if there are any changes being implemented.

After you buy a ticket, you will be accompanied by one or two professional rangers who will be your guide and take care of you while doing Komodo trekking. This ranger will explain in advance about the rules and also will provide 3 (three) options for the duration of trekking. Don't forget to give proper tips to your Ranger after you have finished trekking, they will surely be happy because these Rangers are mostly recruited from the Komodo village who have been given special training by the Komodo National Park and are given a career opportunity to support their families.

There are three choices of Komodo trekking on Rinca island. The first is short trekking for around 30 minutes, then medium trekking for about 1 hour and long trekking for about two hours. You can also be given the opportunity to visit the Komodo dragon's nest, and also climb the hill to see the stunning views of the entire island of Rinca. One thing to note is that don't bring food. Just a bottle of water. Because the Komodo Dragon's sense of smell is very strong. In addition, women who are during her period should disclose their information at the ticketing office, and then they will decide whether you can continue to trekking or not.


There are many complaints if you read online concerning the price of the entrance ticket to the Komodo National Park which is somewhat confusing and surprising among tourists. Actually you can buy tickets for the Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, known as Philemon, and also on Rinca Island or on Komodo Island. The official ticket price has been published in their office, but some of Komodo Boat operators do not explain properly to their clients about how much money they need to prepare, and the tourists who are not well informed eventually experience confusion upon arrival.

Entrance ticket prices for Komodo National Park differ between Indonesian Citizens and Foreign Citizens. These prices also differ between Weekdays and Weekends. The prices are then split into several components. For example, if you go diving, or conduct special research, snorkel, there will be additional costs. Yes, it is a bit confusing how they put their prices, but for an easy and safer method, we recommend that you bring more cash in Rupiah than expected. One ticket is IDR 450,000 (or USD 32) / person. Keep in mind that this ticket is only valid for 1 day. If your Komodo Boat itinerary (especially if you are on a Komodo dragon liveaboard tour) will be in more than one day, then you are required to buy the number of tickets that correspond to the number of days of your presence in the National Park perimeter. Consult this with your Komodo Boat Tour provider.

Our Komodo boat coordinator will certainly inform you to provide the latest updates if there are changes in the provisions of this Komodo ticket price and ensure your trip is always run smoothly.


As long as you follow the ranger's instructions and not wander around alone without the ranger's company, you will be safe. Things that need to be considered are:


  • Always follow the ranger's instructions and instructions;

  • Always be near the ranger and don't separate far from the group;

  • Don't bring food. You are welcome to bring drinks;

  • Bring Trekking shoes or sandals, sunscreens, and cash money;

  • For women in her period, inform your status at the ticketing office;

  • If you have an open wound, also inform the ticketing office;

  • Do not be noisy and disturb the dragons or wild animals around, such as calling in voices or pelting them with food or gravel;

  • There are public toilets near the ticketing office, but make sure there are no dragons around. If there is a Komodo dragon around the toilet entrance, contact the nearest ranger.

  • the most important thing is to be fun and relax and enjoy this one of a kind adventure that you won't experience in any hemisphere. You will feel like in the movie Jurassic park but in real life.

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