The name of this humble boat is "Laba-Laba", which in Bahasa means "spider". We took the philosophy of a spider, which formed their nest by braiding one node to another node, forming a network of mutually binding, elastic, soft yet sturdy net.


So is our hope for our future business, we want to create a network in every place we visit, to become a bridge between rural and urban communities. So all of us can explore the natural beauty of Indonesia, but also at the same time implementing fairness act toward local community and their existing natural ecosystems as well, by setting aside a portion of our revenues to foster rural people by providing them education, so they can exploit their local nature's potential until they can improve their own welfare.


Our story began when we first went traveling from Lombok and Sumbawa Besar at West Nusa Tenggara Provence, to Flores East Nusa Tenggara Provence and South Sulawesi. During the journey, we met new local friends and began to unfold their life stories, heard their passions and dreams.


Since its independence, Indonesia continues to enhance its democratic system. One of the positive approaches was to change their governmental system from a centralized governmental system into the local government system, which in return provide each province in Indonesia their own autonomy to rule their own region.


Behind the good intention for such purpose, we realize that plenty of remote regions in Indonesia still facing a really slow growth (some even a decline) in enhancing their own local potentials, which in the end causing a negative impact both on the economic and social levels of the local people. We have heard the stories from them about how they currently live below the poverty line with such minimal support from their own government. Some also decided to sell their own land due to extreme poverty, being trapped with debt system, or giving up their education because they simply don't have the funds or because there are no proper infrastructures in the education sector.


From that situation, we are establishing a connection with our affiliate partner "Baraka Nusantara". Baraka Nusantara is a community established in 2014, actively attempts to improve the state of living in Desa Sembalun, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara through education. We decided that Sembalun village shall be our first social project since this is the first location that we visited when we were traveling together to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara region. This is Baraka's first pilot project and now we are expanding to Komodo Village as well to help strengthen their education and health sector. 


Baraka Nusantara currently has two main projects. Kopi Pahlawan and Sankabira Study House. Kopi Pahlawan is their first attempt to help the local people at Sembalun Village to enhance their own potential resources, which is Arabica Coffee. Currently, the trading system of their coffee has been monopolized by some of middlemen or brokers who buy their cherry beans far below the standard price, thus forcing the farmers to live below the poverty line. Through Kopi Pahlawan, Baraka Nusantara is now teaching the farmers to produce a specialty grade coffee beans as demanded by international standards and help them selling their cherry and green beans at a reasonable price, helping them to find a local and international market, and furthermore, some of the profits shall be used to enhance the infrastructures in the village.


The second social project they currently doing is the Sankabira Study House. Baraka's main concern is to enhance the education system in the village, through building a proper educational system, training, and infrastructures to equip the local people with necessary skills. Now we are partnering with Baraka Nusantara, and from each trip with us, some portion of our revenues shall be set aside and directly distributed to the social project of Sankabira Study House.


If you wish to learn more about Baraka Nusantara and their projects, you can visit their Instagram @baraka_nusantara. We also welcome anyone who wishes to donate more (not just funds, but can also be ideas, skills, volunteers) to Sembalun Village and Komodo Village by simply contacting us directly to our email.








"while you're having a good time at islands of Komodo enjoying the perfect sea breeze, snorkeling, and diving, you are also making a contribution for farmers and children at Sembalun village and Komodo village, so they can receive a proper education and better infrastructure."

Laba Laba Boat Children School