Private Komodo Boat Tour From Labuan Bajo

Neither too long nor too short, this 3 Days 2 Nights Komodo Boat tour is the most favorite package that usually being chosen by our guests. Not only you will experience Komodo Dragon Tour and watch them in their natural habitat in Rinca Island, but you will also visit some of the most iconic islands and less touristic places around the Komodo National Park. We will arrange the itinerary efficiently and match it according to your flight arrival and flight return schedule. There are three options so that your 3 Days Komodo boat tour can run smoothly:


First option: You begin with a stay at one of the hotels in Labuan Bajo the day before your 3 Days 2 nights Komodo Tour start, and then after you return from the sailing, you stay again one more night at the hotel. This is the most effective choice that our previous guests mostly took. Our car driver will pick you up early in the hotel at around 9:00 a.m in the morning and then take you directly to our Komodo Boat that already standby at the harbor. Travel time from the hotel to the port is approximately 15-20 minutes.

Second option: You may also start your 3 Days Komodo Boat Tour immediately once you’re landed at the Komodo Airport. Our car driver will standby and pick you there and bring you to our Komodo Boat at the harbor. But please make sure that your flight arrival schedule is the first flight or morning flight (from Jakarta or Denpasar Bali) so that your Komodo boat trip schedule can be fully maximized. If you can’t obtain the first flight schedule, we still can wait for your flight until no more than 2.30 p.m. After sailing, our boat will return to the harbor around 4 or 5 p.m, and our car driver will be waiting at the port to take you back to your hotel, so you can rest and have a proper shower, probably enjoy the Labuan Bajo night culinary market later, and then continue to catch your flight back the next day without hassle.


Third option: It’s also possible that we arrange a special itinerary if you arrive by plane on the same day of your 3 days 2 nights Komodo boat trip, and after completing the trip on the third day, we will immediately return you back to the airport so that you can catch your return flight as well. We strongly recommend that your return flight schedule at least around 2 pm or later, so that our Komodo Boat has time to return to the port earlier than usual. Probably there will be some reduction in the destination spot on the last day of the trip, depends on your return flight schedule.


Day One

Your 3 Days Komodo Boat Tour will begin at Labuan Bajo Harbour at 9.15 AM to go to two beautiful spots, Bidadari Island or Manjarite Island and Kelor Island. Your main activity will be snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Both of these islands are famous for beautiful colorful fishes, white soft sand and amazing crystal clear water. Kelor island famous for its breathtaking ocean scenery and also there’s a hiking trail for you to see the whole island from above. The place is tranquil and uninhabited. There is no Komodo dragon on both of these islands. Our chef will provide you breakfast, lunch, and refreshments on the boat.

The third spot of this 3 Days Komodo Boat Tour will visit Kalong Island near sunset hour. It’s the place where thousands of huge bats and they will start to come from their nests at 6 pm. This island has no beach so this place is not a suitable place for snorkeling activity. After sunset, our Komodo Boat will begin its journey to the last anchor spot at Waenilu Island. This place is a safe bay area and the water is calm as a lake.  You will spend one night at this Island, sleeping on the boat.

Day Two

During the second day of your 3 Days Komodo Island Tour, you will proceed to Rinca Island or Loh Buaya. There is a small pier and our crews will bring you there using a small dinghy. Right at the pier, one of the Ranger from the National Park will greet you and accompany you to Rinca Island's ticketing office. In the ticketing office, you will buy your Komodo National Park Tickets, and after you purchase the tickets, the Ranger will explain to you about the options for the Komodo dragon tour trekking. There are three options. A short trek that will take time around 45 minutes to 1 hour, the medium trek will take time around 1 hour to 1.5 hours, and long trekking that will take 2 hours or more.  we strongly suggest you not take the longest trekking option to maximize the itinerary. Komodo Dragon in Rinca island or Loh Buaya is a lot more active compared to one in Komodo Island or Loh Liang. Sometimes you can also see at cattle, buffalo, monkeys, deers, partridge, etc.


After you finish your Komodo dragon tour, the sail continues to the Padar Island. Padar island is a remote island located exactly in the middle of the Komodo National Park, between Rinca Island and Komodo Island. The island is defended by strong ocean currents originating from the Indian ocean. There is a wild Komodo Dragon on this island too, but you don't need to worry, because the Komodo Dragon is located in a specific area that is well guarded by professional rangers. Rumors also say that the island also contains gold ores, which makes the story of this island more mysterious and exotic. One hour Komodo trekking to the top of Padar Island and you can see the entire Komodo National Park area clearly. Prepare sunblock, sunglasses and trekking sandals or trekking shoes to explore this magical island. Don't spend too much time on Padar Island, because after that you will want to freshen up yourself after exhausting trekking and climbing under the sun and you will definitely want to snorkel and wash all those sweat at Pink Beach.

Day Three

On the third day of your 3 days Komodo Boat Tour, after breakfast, the Komodo Boat will head to the longest reef in the Komodo National Park named Karang Makassar or famously called Manta Point. The reef is shallow, 2 meters up to 8 meters deep, but with a very strong current, and that’s the reason why the magnificent Manta rays gather to eat the plankton. Currently, there is a new regulation being implemented by the Komodo National Park officials that require we as a Komodo Boat Tour provider to register our ship in advance (three days before) to visit Manta Point and it will only be limited to 30 ships a day, based on the first-come-first-serve method. If we are unable to obtain the permit slot to visit Manta point, we will direct the itinerary to go to Turtle point on Siaba Island, as an alternative.

After you proceed to Manta point or Turtle point, your Komodo boat tour will continue to Kanawa Island. This beach on this island is the best place to snorkel. The coral reefs, fishes and the beach itself are really beautiful. The water is very clear and the coral reefs are amazing. Lots of starfishes and crabs on the sand, your kids are going to love them. The beach is shallow and safe for children as well. Sail back to Labuan Bajo around 3 p.m and arrives around 4 p.m, our driver will wait at the harbor to bring you back to your hotel or airport.

Rates & Information

(January - June 2020)


Private Komodo Boat charter for the whole boat, complete with the crews and facilities IDR 24.720.000 or USD 1765 and already for 4 pax. (additional pax shall get extra IDR 2.280.000 or USD 162)


(July - December 2020)


Private Komodo Boat charter for the whole boat complete with the crews and all facilities IDR 25.920.000 or USD 1852 and already for 4 pax. (additional pax shall get extra IDR 2.080.000 / 148 USD)

Please Note:


When you arrive at Rinca Island, you should pay ranger's fee at Ranger's Office at Rinca Island of Komodo Island. Being accompanied by a ranger is a must to ensure your safety.


When doing the Komodo Dragon trekking, make sure always follow the Ranger's instructions and do not explore the area without being accompanied by the Ranger.


The itinerary is still subject to change, based on Captain's decision due to weather and stream conditions at the time. 

The price already includes:


  • Car shuttles from airport/hotel to port (return)

  • Simple snorkeling gears and life jackets

  • rubber boats, speed boat, and fishing equipment

  • Welcome Drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Coffee, tea, and mineral water

  • Tents, sleeping bags, towels

  • Government Retribution Fee for every foreign tourist

  • Kanawa Entrance Fee

(Not included in the price)

  • Komodo Ranger fee and entrance fee. You will require at least two tickets/person for day 1 and day 2, and the cost is around IDR 900.000 or USD 64/passenger. Please note that we put the highest price range. There's a price difference between weekdays and weekends, but better bring and prepare more cash money in the form of IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), because there is no ATM at the Island. They only accept cash.

  • Any hotel accommodation before or after the Komodo Boat Tour

  • Plane Tickets

  • Travel Insurance

  • Alcoholic Drinks (but allowed to bring to our Komodo Boat) 


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