2 Days 1 Night

private komodo trip


Day One

Day Two


After that we will sail to Karang Makasar  (Manta Ray Point) to see Manta Rays or various sea creatures across the Coral Reefs. Look for a glimps of wingtips breaking the surface, or the shadowy form of a manta gliding under the boat.


AT 4 pm we will return to Labuan Bajo and you will arrive approximately at 5 pm. 

Early in the morning  you will proceed to Rinca Island or Loh Buaya.  


Our activities in Loh buaya will be trekking to see komodo Dragons. In this island, Komodo dragon would be easier to look because the range of the habitat is smaller than in Komodo Island (Loh Liang). Komodo in Loh Buaya is also more aggressive. Besides komodo, in this Island we can also look at cattle, buffalo, monkeys, partridge, etc.


After that, the sail continuous to the Pink Beach.  This beach is the best place to snorkle. The coral reefs, fishes and the beach itself is really beautiful. This beach is called Pink Beach because of the sand of this Beach is Pink. The Pink sands derived from abrasion of coral reefs across the beach which look pinky. One of the most famous tourist spot at Komodo region.

We start from Labuan Bajo Harbour at 8.00 AM to go to two beautiful spots, Bidadari Island and Kelor Island. Your main activity will be snorkeling and relax on the beach. You will have lunch on the boat provided by the crews.


After that you will proceed to Kalong Rinca Island to see thousands of Fying Foxes come from their nests at 5 pm.


Then the boat will proceed to Waenilu Island and you will spend a night on the boat.  




Rates & Information

The price already includes:


# Car shuttles from airport/hotel to port (return)

# Simple snorkeling gears and life jackets

# rubber boats, speed boat and fishing equipments

# Welcome Drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

# coffee, tea and mineral water

# tents, sleeping bags, towels



(January - June 2020)


Private boat charter for the whole boat, complete with the crews and facilities IDR 17.280.000 or 1235 USD and already for 4 pax. (additional pax shall get extra IDR 1.720.000 or 122 USD)


(July - December 2020)


Private boat charter for the whole boat complete with the crews and all facilities IDR 18.080.000 or 1290 USD and already for 4 pax. (additional pax shall get extra IDR 1.620.000 or 115 USD)

Please Note:


When you arrive at Komodo Island, you should pay ranger's fee at Ranger's Office at Rinca Island of Komodo Island. Being accompanied by a ranger is a must to ensure your safety.


When Trekking at Komodo Island, please choose the short or medium trekking option which shall take approximately 1-2 hours. We don't advice you to take the long trekking option, otherwise you'll have a short amount of time at the next destination.


Itinerary still subject to change, based on Captain's decision due to weather and stream condition at the time. Also, we cannot guarantee that you will meet Manta at Manta Point.

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